Catholic Expeditions

Explore your Catholic Adventure!

Catholic Expeditions is focused on providing Catholics with an amazing travel experience of a lifetime. Led by outgoing and personable spiritual directors, our expeditions incorporate prayer, fellowship and the celebration of Christ in fascinating and exotic places around the world.

Picture yourself on an early morning hot air balloon ride over the Masai Mara plains while on safari, or participate in holy mass in a local village in the Amazon Jungle. Explore the Yangtze River on a cruise in China, ride elephants in Thailand, climb the ancient and extraordinary Machu Picchu, snorkel in the Galapagos Islands or marvel at the colors and sights of the camel fair in Pushkar, India. We take Roman Catholics and turn them into Roamin' Catholics with an experience they can not find anywhere else. We take the "grim" out of Pilgrimage and design a travel experience you'll talk about for the rest of your life with opportunities that unfold each day drawing you closer to Christ through an exotic travel adventure.

Catholic Expeditions is not only about our exciting destinations, but we also design unique niche travel experiences by taking like-minded Catholics and creating cruises and tours just for that niche group. Catholics who enjoy yoga, cooking, photography, crafts can all travel together, as can members of the Knights of Columbus and youth ministry groups. We can customize any group to anywhere around the world!

With twenty three years of travel experience in taking Catholics around the world, you can be sure we are passionate about continuing our journey in grand style and creating ways to inspire, excite and touch souls in meaningful ways. We are Catholic based and never loose our focus in keeping everything we do Christ-minded.

For more information contact 877-GOD-TRIP (463-8747)